COVID-19 Update

As we all meet the challenges that the COVID-19 Coronavirus has presented to our organisations and employees, it is important to remember that the health, well-being, and security of our employees, customers, and partners is our main priority. 

TERRAVISIO GEOSOLUTIONS (UK) LIMITED have been actively working on measures to reduce risks to employees and to maintain current business service levels.

We have suspended non-critical face-to-face meetings, and site visits have been postponed or rearranged to be either a teleconference or a video-conference. Where visits are classed as business critical, they may still go ahead with all the necessary precautions in place to minimise risk of transmission (Symptom checking, hand washing, distancing, avoiding main staff population areas). 

Further to this, we have introduced working from home for employees who are able to do so.

Our field teams have been provided with hand sanitisers and antiseptic wipes and encouraged employees to adopt the WHO guidelines on hygiene. Social distancing has been adopted by all employees, where we can. Our Site Operatives are being organised in small teams of no more than 3 and not allowed to congregate in groups.

We understand the severity of this issue and want to ensure that we play our part and take appropriate action. We continue to monitor the situation daily and will respond to events if and when they occur. Maintaining a high level of service to our customers is of paramount importance, as is the safety of people in and outside our organisation.