Geomonitoring Services



TerraVisio Geosolutions Limited provides geomonitoring services to help our clients gain real-time insight into surface and subsurface environment variations. Online monitoring is basically established on the basis of current measurement space (either 2D or 3D) and added the time dimension. By comparing measurement outcomes from various time slices to initial state (background values), the anomalies of the monitored target is determined from this variation over time. Derived from electrical resistivity method, Geomative Inc. developed Geomonitor Online Monitoring System. 

The core of Geomonitor is based on the Geomative GD-10 and GD-20 Imaging system, integrated with GeoCloud cloud platform, industrial control, network transmission and multiple transceivers. Geomonitor can monitor subsurface environment in real-time online, by conglomerating ground data from transceivers and the resistivity data with rich ground structure information. Through long-term continuous monitoring and time-lapse analysis, insights on the variation of surface and subsurface environment are revealed to clients. This is especially suitable for the monitoring of various subsurface contamination, leakage and seepage, illegal excavation and sewage discharge, mineral well and surface geological hazard determination

Main Applications 

The online monitoring system is most advantageous in respects of the following;

  • leakage monitoring of reservoir dam body, 
  • flow direction monitoring of soil repair agents, 
  • landfill leakage monitoring and 
  • landslide and slope monitoring.
  • Contaminated site monitoring and remediation process evaluation.

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Geomonitoring Case Studies

Online Real-time Monitoring System at Earthfill Dams

Online Real-time Monitoring System at Earthfill Dams

Online Real-time Monitoring System at Earthfill Dams

The major issue of earthfill dam construction is water seepage. through  Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) online monitoring system (geomonitoring), electrical resistivity profile variation of the dam is measured prior and after seismic events in order to monitor seepage intrusion in  the shell, inner filter and core layers of the dam structure. Time lapse inversion analysis on the monitoring data reveals the percentage variation of the dam resistivity profile due to seismic events.

Online Real-time Monitoring System at Earthfill Dams

Online Real-time Monitoring System at Earthfill Dams


ERT profile on 2 days before the earthquake.

Online Real-time Monitoring System at Earthfill Dams


ERT profile on 1 day before the earthquake.


ERT profile on the day of the earthquake.


Percentage variation of electrical resistivity prior and after some earthquake event.