Structural Surveys

Using the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, TerraVisio Geosolutions offers non-destructive structural inspection and investigation to safely map reinforcement in concrete, determining tensioned cable paths, mapping thickness of concrete, and mapping the thickness of a secondary pour over concrete in buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Where as built records are not available, GPR can be used to determine the floor slab construction. They can be an extremely useful technique in identifying defects in construction.. 

Non-destructive techniques generally prove cost effective because they are non-intrusive.

For concrete imaging, GPR offers the following advantages over the traditional method:

  • Determine slab thickness
  • Detect voids, conduits and pipes (including plastic), tensioning cables, etc.
  • Greater depth penetration (up to 500mm at high resolution)
  • Resolve second layer of rebar (dependent on spacing)
  • Capable of 3D models and depth slice images.

In building inspection and investigation, GPR can be used for the following:

  • Foundation location
  • Location and extent of voiding
  • Rebar mapping of reinforced concrete
  • Thickness measurement of members such as floor slabs and walls
  • Basement and floor slab construction
  • Flue and conduit location

Our in-house technical procedures ensure clear and precise data acquisition, analysis and interpreted. Results can be provided immediately on-site or in report (pdf) and drawing format. 

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