Topographic Surveys

TerraVisio Geosolutions produce true to scale plans of natural and man-made features with position and height information for many different clients such as, planners, architects, and developers providing high quality topographical surveys. Land surveys indicate all ground related features on the site to their true position which is key for any design taking place. 

Our Surveyors operate a range of the latest surveying equipment (Robotic Total Stations, GPS, Laser Scanners etc.) and the level of detail depends on your requirements and the end use of the plans.  We carry out all topographical surveys in accordance with the standard 'Topographical Survey Specifications' as set by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

We produce accurate, consistently reliable topographic surveys, saving you both time and money during the construction process.Our team hold valid CSCS cards and are DBS checked/certified.

After the site survey, a suite of drawings is produced in CAD (Computer Aided Design) format. We offer a range of drawing types including plans, elevations, and sections. These can then be used as a basis for your proposed designs.

TerraVisio Geosolutions can produce level surveys showing contours in 2D and 3D model outputs, spot levels and feature lines, which accurately define the ground and boundaries so that you can design with confidence. 

What type of Surveys do we provide?

• Level survey

• Road survey
• Rural and urban survey
• Pipeline survey e.t.c.

If you require a land or topographical survey in London, Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas, please get in touch by calling +44 775 811 1812 or email us at 

What is the Cost?

Provide us with a plan outlining the area you require surveying, with a specification and we will provide a free, no obligation quotation within 24 hours.

A leading multi-disciplinary measurement company, we’ve built our reputation on QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND ACCURACY.