Radiodetection C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool Hire

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The C.A.T4 Avoidance Mode™ lets the operator check an intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny signals, and pinpoint located utilities in a single scan. Features such as the bar graph ‘tidemark’ enable an operator to quickly spot a peak response and zero-in on a buried conductor.

The new C.A.T4 digital platform delivers highly refined locate capabilities, specifically designed to help the operator find more buried utilities.


  • Works perfectly alongside Genny4™ signal generator
  • StrikeAlert™ – minimizes risk of hitting shallow cables
  • Avoidance Mode™ – sweep an area of power, radio and Genny signals simultaneously.
  • eCert™ – provides a fast and thorough test of key circuitry and validates their performance.
  • Dynamic Overload Protection – Radiodetection’s unique digital signal processing capabilities equips the C.A.T4 with the ability to reject electrical interference
  • Genny Signal Locate
  • Power Signal Locate
  • Radio Signal Locate


Daily rate Weekly rate Monthly rate
CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool (with StrikeAlert) only £30 £100
CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool (with StrikeAlert) and Genny4 Signal Generator £60 £200

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Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 71.6 × 25.1 × 6.4 cm
Product Option

CAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool (with Depth and StrikeAlert) and Genny4 Signal Generator, CAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool (with Depth and StrikeAlert) only


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