Radiodetection Tx-10 Signal Transmitter (10 watts)

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The Radiodetection Tx-10 is designed to support the RD7100/RD7200 and RD8100/RD8200, the family of Radiodetection transmitters are available in three different version, with the Tx-10 offering the highest power capability with both Fault-Find and Current Direction modes as standard.

Radiodetection Tx transmitters are available with alkaline batteries or Li-Ion rechargeable pack and mains and automotive chargers.

Transmitter package includes the following:
Ground Stake
Direct Connect Leads
Earth Reel
Batteries (not included)

CD Mode – Indicates when the transmitter is in Current Direction Mode (CD frequencies = 6 with Tx-10, 14 with Tx-10B)
Apply a Fault-Find Signal with the Tx-10 transmitter (or Tx-5) and use an accessory A-frame to detect and pinpoint insulation faults.
iLOC remote control – an advanced Bluetooth link between the RD8100 locator and transmitter, allowing you to control the locate signal?s power and frequency from up to 1400 feet / 450 meters away. Less time walking and more time locating! (see options in dropdown product selector)
Automatic impedance matching – Transmit your locate signal as far as possible by automatically matching the transmitter impedance to that of your target cable.
Its multimeter function measures output voltage, line voltage, current, impedance and power, and characterize faults on the target line before beginning a survey.
Accessories to optimize the system to your needs.
90V maximum output – High voltage output makes sure that you can get locatable signal onto even high impedance lines like telephone pairs.
SideStepAuto – The transmitter can be used to recommend a general-purpose locate frequency for the intended locate task by measuring the impedance of the target cable or pipe.

Calibration Certificate Included

Daily rate Weekly rate Monthly rate
75 250

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 22 cm


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