Geomative GD-10 Electrical Imaging system


GD-10 is developed based on the latest digital and analog circuitry technique, making it the world leading multi-functional direct current (DC) method instrument. Geomative integrated the advantages from both conventional centralized cabling system and distributed cabling system. We combine the low cost and high reliability from the former and the high efficiency with infinite expand-ability of the cable from the latter system. So a sectional centralized Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) technique is established by Geomative, which attained both the rapidness of distributed cabling and the reliability of centralized cabling.

The GD-10 Series (single channel system) is divided into Senior, Advanced 2D/3D, Supreme 2D/3D, Supreme 2D+/3D+. The details of the model are as follows:

  • GD-10 Senior (1D VES/SP/IP, which can be upgraded to higher model (2D/3D advance,2D/3D supreme,2D/3D supreme+) online).
  • GD-10 Advanced (2D/3D centralized system, with ERT/SP Method).
  • GD-10 Supreme (2D/3D distributed system, with ERT/SP Method).
  • GD-10 Supreme Plus (2D/3D distributed system, with ERT/IP/SP Method).


• Resistivity automatic stacking and support single point
• Flexible, efficient and convenient wiring
• Plenty of arrays and custom scripts
• Multi-dimensional data display
• The unique segmented centralized mode of GD-10 system
• Automatic stacking to improve data quality


1D Resistivity or IP

In 1D VES survey, transmission up to full power 7200W (1200V*6A) can be emitted to allow excited pulse signals to reach deeper strata. For small signals, up to 255 stacking amounts are allowed to enhance measurement accuracy. Prior to field testing, measurement array configurations and the electrode scanning parameters can be inputted into the monitoring host, thus reducing the time spent in field to enter the survey parameters and increase survey productivity.

Supported 1D arrays :
1) 4 Pole-VES
2) Composite Profiling
3) Dipole VES
4) 3 Pole-VES
5) Mid-gradient
6) Customized arrays


2D ERT or IP Profiling

GD-10 Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) system is capable of conducting 2D cross-section profiling of ERT and Induced Polarization (IP) in field. Through the array script management in Geomative Studio, clients can predefine survey parameters on PC prior to field surveys. Up to 3200W (800V*4A) transmission power can be deployed in field. GD-10 is equipped with both centralized cabling and distributed cabling system, to fulfill any complex field environment.

More survey layout solutions:
1)Conventional ERT(5 Take-outs Dual-direction Cable)
2)Conventional ERT(10 Take-outs Cable)
3)GD-10 Advanced 2D,Conventional ERT
4)Conventional IP
5)Dual-takeout ERT Survey
6)Dual-takeout IP Survey


Automated stacking for data quality enhancement

During the data measurement process, GD-10 automatically analyzes signal strength and data quality to determine whether long measurement period and stacking mode should be activated. For sites with strong signal and good data quality, measurement system continuously sweep and scans in high efficiency mode until bad data quality is detected, in which long measurement period or stacking mode would be elaborated to enhance data quality to the maximum extent. Clients can also set stacking amount according to any survey points, survey layers or individual tasks.


Unique sectional centralized mode of GD-10 measurement system

GD-10 series is designed with unique sectional centralized survey layout mode. This technique fully integrated the advantages of both conventional centralized cabling system and distributed cabling system, incorporating the advantages of simple cabling placement and long profiling survey from distributed system, and the simple, reliable and low-cost characteristic from centralized cabling system.

Basic Senior Advanced Supreme2D/3D Supreme2D+/3D+
Electrical resistivity sounding
Upgrade-able firmware
IP sounding
Maximum Tx of 1200V*6A
Centralized ERT 2D/3D
Electrical resistivity sounding,2D/3D Profiling
Distributed ERT (single takeout cabling)
Distributed ERT (Dual takeout cabling)

Main Applications:

Resource Exploration:
– Groundwater exploration
– Mineral Exploration (metallic and non-metallic)

Civil Engineering:
– Depth to bedrock
– Geological Mapping
– Detect and characterize cavities

– Underground pollutant change detection
– Seawater intrusion detection
– Archaeology


For more information, please contact us on +44 1293 905899 or email us at [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 39 × 20 × 29 cm


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