Geomative GD-20 Electrical Imaging system


GD-20 is a brand-new multi-channel electrical method system, independent 5/12 channel design, It can measure up to 10 points at the same time, greatly improving the efficiency on site. GD20 can be used for self-electricity, apparent resistivity and IP testing. Compared with single-channel equipment, the multi-channel average test efficiency is increased by 2-3 times, greatly shortening the field construction period. The GD-20 system is portable and has its own memory to store data. Multi-channel conversion box Supporting VES, ERT, and N-∞ settings. VES can test 12 sets of sounding points in the meantime , ERT test can meets 10-channel data acquisition, N-∞ gear meets the application of N-connected infinity device, and independent 10-channel design maximizes test efficiency.

The GD-20 Series (multi-channel system, 3/5/12 channels) is divided into Senior, Advanced 2D/3D, Supreme 2D/3D, Supreme 2D+/3D+. The details of the model are as follows:

  • GD-20 Senior (1D VES/SP/IP, which can be upgraded to higher model (2D/3D advance,2D/3D supreme,2D/3D supreme+) online).
  • GD-20 Supreme (2D/3D distributed system, with ERT/SP Method).
  • GD-20 Supreme Plus (2D/3D distributed system, with ERT/IP/SP Method).


• Complete DC solution
• Supporting Resistivity automatic iteration and single point testing, can improve data quality and testing efficiency
• Flexible, efficient and convenient layout, double connection method can twice enlarge the current threshold
• Powerful and efficient rolling and 3D testing and pseudo 3D scanning
• Rich devices and support custom scripts
• Multi-dimensional data display, all problems, on-site discovery, real-time positioning

1D VES for Resistivity or IP

In 1D VES survey, transmission up to full power 7200W (1200V*6A) can be emitted to allow excited pulse signals to reach deeper strata. For small signals, up to 255 stacking amounts are allowed to enhance measurement accuracy. 1D survey layout can be placed and measured at 12 points concurrently, further reducing the amount of electrode scanning.

Supported 1D arrays:
2)Composite Profiling
3)Dipole VES
6)Customized arrays

ERT or IP Profiling

GD-20 ERT system is capable of conducting 2D cross-section profiling of ERT and IP in field. Through the array script management in Geomative Studio, clients can predefine survey parameters on PC prior to field surveys. Up to 3200W (800V*4A) transmission power can be deployed in field.

3D ERT or IP Profiling

Using GD-20 ERT measurement system, the sectional centralized cabling layout can be deployed robustly in a snakelike layout pattern to perform 3D ERT and IP survey. Up to 3200W (800V*4A) can be transmitted under this mode. If ERT cabling is insufficient, limited cabling can be deployed in a dual-direction shifting combination or multiple paralleled 2D survey line data fusion method to cover a larger 3D region.

High power IP mid gradient scanning

Geomative is the first in the industry to adopt ERT modules in the high-powered IP mid-gradient cross-sectional profiling. Similar to the ERT method, clients can deploy a pair of AB electrodes and multiple sets of non-polarizable electrodes. AB transmitting electrode is connected to the AB terminal port on the GD-20, while the non-polarizable electrodes are connected to the ERT cables takeouts. During IP survey, the host instrument emits electrical signal simultaneously and sequentially select MN electrodes in automated mode. Under sufficient amount of cabling and electrodes, the whole lateral cross-sectional profiling can be accomplished in one run, with a significant enhancement in survey efficiency. If signal emission is performed using external transmitter, clients can simply connect the AB terminal port of GD-20 host to the emission circuit in series. GD-10 will automatically monitor and detect the transmitted electrical signals, triggering and synchronizing the MN acquisition channels simultaneously.

GD-20 Senior Supreme2D/3D Supreme2D+/3D+
Electrical resistivity sounding
IP sounding
Maximum Power (W) 1200V*6A
Upgradeable hardware
Electrical resistivity sounding, 2D / 3D Profiling
Distributed ERT (single takeout cabling)
Distributed ERT (Dual takeout cabling)

Main Applications:

Resource Exploration:
– Groundwater exploration
– Mineral Exploration (metallic and non-metallic)

Civil Engineering:
– Depth to bedrock
– Geological Mapping
– Detect and characterize cavities

– Underground pollutant change detection
– Seawater intrusion detection
– Archaeology


For more information, please contact us on +44 1293 905899 or email us at [email protected]


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